17th ifva Festival
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Pixel versus life; codes versus human thoughts; electronics versus internet plus a spectrum of magical interplay between images and time. All 10 selected works are courageous experiments of creativity that looks for new perspectives in interactivity and new media aesthetics.


13-28/3 / 12noon - 8pm / PAO
Free Admission
A discussion session will be held on 17/3 5pm-6pm


Pixel Bite

Ani Pui-hing、Diego Suárez BÁRCENA

Pixel is an unit of artificial life that inhabit the online ecosystem. Its existence is comparable to that of a pet. Typing and moving the mouse will produce food for the Pixel. The energy we put into the virtual world will eventually return to us.

Jsut Code


"Jsut Code" is a collaborative installation in which statements on life and death are gathered in real-time from TWITTER and displayed as geometric images. A structure is setup in which the activities of reading and writing by human and machine can take place.


Henry CHU

The shadow casts on the corridor will be recorded by a sensor and stored in the computer, it will then be projected on the wall again after 3 seconds of delay. The shadow is a reflection of a person's past allowing visitors to have a dialogue with their own past.

Suits Uncool

TAM Kar-wing

A mixed media project whereby some sort of unique, pragmatic or non-functional interactive devices or gadgets are added to transform the characteristic and essence of "suits" as a particular dress code.

Behind the Camera, Who are You?

MAK Yuen-shan

Participants walk into the sets and take on the film director's role. They control the buttons that control the actors' actions: to re-do (NG) or to terminate the performance (GOODTAKE). This device allows one to experience the relations between oneself and the images.



Henry CHU

Squiggle is an iPad and iPhone app that allow user to make music while drawing a picture. It has simple interface that has nothing more than colorful lines and a couple of buttons.

Time Axis

LAM Miu-ling

This work evokes the consciousness of the concept of t ime through the unfamiliar experience of taking a self-portrait and watching it vanish on paper. The magic is achieved via thermal printers, camera, microphone, headphones and custom electronics.

Unreserved: Karaoke as Choir

WONG Yu-hin、LAM Chi-fai

"site-specific" become popular jargons in art theory, this work want to give "person specific" a try by enabling participants to pair up with a street singer to create a chorus indirectly and then place the chorus back to the streets.


WONG Fuk-kuen

This work introduces the link between magnet and sound by visualizing the distorted magnetic field as a shape drawn by 3 Biezer Curves. Sound becomes imaginable by looking at the image (shape) generated in the magnetic field.

Lawnmap Hong Kong

CHOI Chi-hau

LAWNMAP encourages the public to share all data related to a piece of virtual lawn including photos, videos and textual descriptions. A series of activities will also be held on this shared piece of land fostering network communication and open forums.